Charm Pack Quilt Completed : Bella's Quilt

I finished quilting and binding this precious quilt last week!

This was such a fun quilt to work on. One of my very first posts was on the completed top I had finished piecing together. So long ago!

I love how special this quilt is with all of the handwritten notes on it. I also love how simple it was to put together. I literally just used a single charm pack and a 2.5" border. 

I had a couple of firsts with this project. 

 It was my first time to bind a quilt using the backing fabric. I used a tutorial like this one. 

It was also my first time quilting these little flowers. I posted a video showing the process here.

I loved the way this special quilt turned out!

I featured the packaging for this quilt on my calligraphy blog if you wanted to take a look!

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