Neutral Scrappy Pillow Work in Progress

This is a pillow cover I quilted recently. I was inspired by Amanda's (Crazy Mom Quilts) scrappy pillow she posted about here. I chose neutral scraps because I need a neutral pillow case but, ugh... It just looks so bland to me. I was thinking I may add some bright piping or binding on the edges to spruce it up. I also thought I could maybe appliqué a big "B" in the middle for Bynum. I'm not sure yet. I'm still brainstorming. I just know it's too plain for me right now. If any of you have any ideas, please let me know!


Ford's Fabric Banner

I recently made this little "Ford" banner for a friend that was throwing a baby shower. I love the look of linen and white together. It's so pretty and clean and will match any decor. I love the scrap fabric banner they made to put behind it! So cute. This is the second banner I've made like this. View the first one here.

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Scrappy Pillow Complete

I finished my scrappy pillow I previously posted about here!

It's so bright and fun. It turned out kind of small, but that's ok. I like having a variation of sizes on our couch. There's such satisfaction in completing a project made out of scraps! :)