Metropolis Mini Quilt

This was the first mini quilt I made for our Modern Patchwork Mini Quilt Club that I am a part of at City Craft.

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, each month we create a mini quilt from Elizabeth Hartman's newest book "Modern Patchwork." Elizabeth provides instructions to make mini versions of each of the quilts in her book. You can find them here.

This was also my first time quilting and binding a quilt sandwich together! It was so excited to complete it on my own. Here is a post from Elizabeth showing how she chose her colors for this pattern.

My tension wasn't perfect on my machine but hey! it was my first attempt so I'm proud of it.

For the back I just pieced together a few scrap pieces from the front.

These mini quilts are so fun and quick to put together!


Hand Quilting

I've started hand quilting a quilt I finished piecing. I've never hand quilted before so I'm learning how to keep the stitches small and even! I used a jelly roll of Denyse Schmidt's Chicopee Collection. I absolutely love this line. I love how saturated all the colors are.

This will be a slow project but I'm excited to work on it. It's nice being able to sit on the couch rather than at the sewing machine for a change!

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Xylophone Mini Quilt

I am part of the Modern Patchwork Mini Quilt Club at my local fabric boutique, City Craft. 

Each month we create a mini quilt from Elizabeth Hartman's newest book "Modern Patchwork." Elizabeth provides instructions to make mini versions of each of the quilts in her book. You can find them here.

Last month we worked on the Xylophone Mini Quilt. I'd like to make a whole quilt of this one. It was so simple to cut and put together!

I still need to sew binding on but haven't decided what fabric to use yet. 

I love doing these mini quilts because it helps me practice different quilting styles. It's not as daunting trying a new style on such a small quilt sandwich!

photo credit: Callie of City Craft
Here's a picture of me at our club show and tell! You can see more of the pictures from this meeting here. There are some really talented people in my club.


Felt Cookies

Some friends of our are having a birthday party for their two year old twins this weekend! We are so excited. I wanted to make something simple and fun for them that they would be able to share. I saw this super cute post a few days ago on Ikat Bag. LiEr shows how to make these adorable felt cookies and icing that can be mixed and matched. I just followed along her simple tutorial and ended up with 12 adorable play cookies. 

I cut out the cookies. Mine were about 4 inches in diameter.

I then cut out batting the same size for each cookie.

Make sure you have your cookies stacked like this before you start sewing. I wasn't thinking and had the batting sandwiched between the two pieces of felt on my first cookie.

Then I sewed around the circle and left a small opening to turn the cookie inside out.

Here are all the cookies turned inside out, ready to be hand stitched.

After the cookies were done, I cut out frosting from various colors of felt and gathered material to sew sprinkles on. I like how LiEr used long skinny ones to look like sprinkles, but these were the only beads I had around.  I also noticed after I finished that she had the beads more dense in the center of the icing. I may go back and add more. 

Here they are all together! I hope they have a fun time playing with them. Now I just need to make the fake frosting bag before the party this weekend!

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Half Square Triangle Quilt Peiced

Some friends of ours are having their first baby! We are so excited. We just went to the gender revealing party and found they were having a baby boy! I immediately started putting together a baby quilt in my mind and thought of some modern looking quilts by Crafty Blossom that I had seen online recently. Aren't the colors Erica picked out for this quilt amazing?! The piecing is simple and dynamic. I'm not sure what her method is for piecing, but this is what I came up with.

First, I took 6 fat quarters and squared them off to be 18"x18."

Then, I cut those squares into fourths creating four 9" squares of each color.

After that, I paired up all the squares front sides facing one another.

Then I sewed all the way around the sandwiches and cut them into fourths diagonally.

Once pressed open, they created the perfect little half square triangles.

I ended up with 48 squares or 96 triangles. 

Once those were done I sewed them together randomly 6 squares across and 8 squares down. 

And there you go! A simple cute quilt.

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