Cutting Guide: Square Cuts from a Fat Eighth

I have to be honest, I haven't made a quilt using fat eighths yet! 

I know some of you have just finished a fat eighth project and have extra ones on hand you would like to cut up and use in your next project! If you are unfamiliar with fat eighths, they are half the height ( 9" x 22")  of fat quarters ( 18' x 22").  

The chart above shows the square cuts you can obtain from fat eighths.   

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Quick Pencil Case

I made this little pencil case the other night as a birthday gift for my dad!

I used camo canvas that we had on hand and a bright orange zipper.

I added a little leather knot to the zipper pull. I think it makes it a little manlier. What guy doesn't love a little leather?

I followed this simple tutorial by A Spoonful of Sugar. I was short on time so I eliminated the piecing of the outer fabric. You should go check out the tutorial and make one for yourself or someone special. It was a quick fun project that will hopefully be useful!

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