A Meaningful Quilt

Some dear friends of ours have been in the adoption process for quite a few years now. They have been through some rough times throughout the years during the process. This heartache has brought about such jubilation when Bella officially became theirs recently! At the baby shower we all left sweet little notes to baby Bella on some charm squares that I pieced into a simple quilt. I had it folded up ready to hand off to my friend Ashley who's going to quilt it when I realized I didn't take any pictures! Please pardon the creases.

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  1. What did you use on the fabric to make it permanent?

    1. Julie, thanks for your question! I provided a fabric pen for all the girls to write with. Joann sells some like the Pentel Fabric Gel Roller Pen. The description says the ink is waterproof which does not smudge or smear. Its a water based pigment that withstands repeated washings and dry cleanings. Hope this helps! :)