Daniel's Camo Shoe Bag

Daniel made himself a shoe bag the other night. He will be traveling soon and didn't want his shoes to get scuffed up inside his suitcase.

I'm so proud of him! I think it turned out really great. He used the camo canvas that has come in so handy for multiple projects. I used it on his box pouch here.

He used a 1"x1" square piece of leather as a stopper when the bag is cinched. It's the same leather he used on his hat alteration I posted here. The light is so harsh on the photo above that it looks white! It's not white, it's a dark warm brown. Before he hemmed the top, he added a couple button holes as openings for the leather lace.

His shoes fit perfectly!

The above picture shows the hemming on the inside. He ironed the top over a quarter of an inch and then folded it over again 1.5 inches. So clean. No raw edges.

We bought the leather lace at Michael's. With our nifty 40% off coupon, it was only around $10 for this whole spool. The brand is ArtMinds and included 0.125 in x 50 ft of leather. They had a shorter length of this that would could buy, but this will be a better deal in the long run. We figured we will use it on future projects. Daniel said he may make another one out of some khaki canvas we have. I'm sure he will do such a great job again!

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