Felt Cookies

Some friends of our are having a birthday party for their two year old twins this weekend! We are so excited. I wanted to make something simple and fun for them that they would be able to share. I saw this super cute post a few days ago on Ikat Bag. LiEr shows how to make these adorable felt cookies and icing that can be mixed and matched. I just followed along her simple tutorial and ended up with 12 adorable play cookies. 

I cut out the cookies. Mine were about 4 inches in diameter.

I then cut out batting the same size for each cookie.

Make sure you have your cookies stacked like this before you start sewing. I wasn't thinking and had the batting sandwiched between the two pieces of felt on my first cookie.

Then I sewed around the circle and left a small opening to turn the cookie inside out.

Here are all the cookies turned inside out, ready to be hand stitched.

After the cookies were done, I cut out frosting from various colors of felt and gathered material to sew sprinkles on. I like how LiEr used long skinny ones to look like sprinkles, but these were the only beads I had around.  I also noticed after I finished that she had the beads more dense in the center of the icing. I may go back and add more. 

Here they are all together! I hope they have a fun time playing with them. Now I just need to make the fake frosting bag before the party this weekend!

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