Metropolis Mini Quilt

This was the first mini quilt I made for our Modern Patchwork Mini Quilt Club that I am a part of at City Craft.

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, each month we create a mini quilt from Elizabeth Hartman's newest book "Modern Patchwork." Elizabeth provides instructions to make mini versions of each of the quilts in her book. You can find them here.

This was also my first time quilting and binding a quilt sandwich together! It was so excited to complete it on my own. Here is a post from Elizabeth showing how she chose her colors for this pattern.

My tension wasn't perfect on my machine but hey! it was my first attempt so I'm proud of it.

For the back I just pieced together a few scrap pieces from the front.

These mini quilts are so fun and quick to put together!

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  1. I can quilt but can't do computers - anyway love this pattern and what you have done with the colors. Your quilting is also very nice, gives the right amount of freedom, like people running around the Metropolis.