Felt Pizza

This past weekend, Daniel and I went to a 3rd birthday party for some sweet little kiddos we know! I made these cookies for them last year, and thought I would make them something similar. I wanted to make them something with a little more customization since they are older and are filled to the brim with imagination these days. 

I found this felt pizza post from LiEr of Ikat Bag and knew it would be such a fun thing for them to play with! The toppings I included are shown above. Toppings: Sauce, green bell peppers, black olives, sausage, pepperoni, cheese, Canadian bacon, and pineapple.

I made 4 crusts so that they can each make two at a time or they can make one with their parents at the same time. LiEr walks you through her process of making the crusts in her post.

There are so many fun combinations of toppings to put together!

Yum. I love supreme pizza. It looks good enough to eat!

LiEr also shows that you can make fun faces and pictures with the toppings. So fun! Daniel made the monster face in the top right-hand corner. Haha. We had some fun playing around with it before we wrapped it all up.

When I thought about all of the little pieces that would be included in this gift, I knew I wanted to give it in a way that would help it stay organized. The topping could get out of control and messy really fast. Look at all those little pieces of cheese!

I found these little GladWare plastic containers at Target for just $2.59! Each pack comes with 8 containers. The perfect amount for what I needed.

I purchased a 12x12 scrapbook case from Michaels to keep the containers and pizzas in. I bought the plastic case and the silver stars from Michaels for less than $6.00!

I finished it up with a big red bow on top to try and hide the goodies inside. This was such a fun project to put together! It looks like a lot of cutting, but it's the kind of project that you can work on while sitting on the couch watching a show. I had such a fun time working on it and hope the kids have a fun time playing with it!

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  1. The kids love it! It is such a fun way to practice organizing and counting! It is perfectly age appropriate and such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Thank you!