Half Square Triangle Quilt Peiced

Some friends of ours are having their first baby! We are so excited. We just went to the gender revealing party and found they were having a baby boy! I immediately started putting together a baby quilt in my mind and thought of some modern looking quilts by Crafty Blossom that I had seen online recently. Aren't the colors Erica picked out for this quilt amazing?! The piecing is simple and dynamic. I'm not sure what her method is for piecing, but this is what I came up with.

First, I took 6 fat quarters and squared them off to be 18"x18."

Then, I cut those squares into fourths creating four 9" squares of each color.

After that, I paired up all the squares front sides facing one another.

Then I sewed all the way around the sandwiches and cut them into fourths diagonally.

Once pressed open, they created the perfect little half square triangles.

I ended up with 48 squares or 96 triangles. 

Once those were done I sewed them together randomly 6 squares across and 8 squares down. 

And there you go! A simple cute quilt.

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