Square Baby Quilt Top Pieced

I finished piecing the top together for this quilt! I need to quilt and bind it to take to the baby shower this coming Sunday afternoon. I'm also making a cake for the shower. So much to do! All fun though.

I just got the backing fabric in the mail! I ordered just enough. I think its only about 1" bigger all the way around than top piece. Way too tight for me. I'm going to have to pin like crazy.

I have some blue striped fabric left over from the backing of this quilt that I think I'm going to use for the binding. Either that or gray. I haven't quite decided yet.

I also included the little sketch I did to figure out the color and layout of this quilt. I basically used 1 grid square as a 2"x2" piece of fabric. It's been pretty helpful having it available to look at. 

Now onto quilting and binding!

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