Square Baby Quilt Blocks

I've started working on a new baby boy quilt for a sweet friend of mine. I'm usually finished with quilts weeks before baby showers so I have time to focus on food and decorations but I am so behind on this one! Her shower is in 2 weeks! I am going to have to speed through the process. I'm kind of at a stand still because I ran out of white fabric. I have other white fabric but it doesn't exactly match. I need to just buy one kind of white fabric so I don't run into this problem in the future. I might go ahead and cut the binding and batting as I'm waiting for it to come in. 

This quilt is based on "Modern Meadow" by Lee of Freshly Pieced. She said hers is based on "Chain Linked" by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter. 

So far I've been able to use my scraps from my recent Pinwheel Quilt which has been nice. I'm reeeallly trying to not let my fabric stash get out of control. It's always fun buying new fabric for a new project but it's also a great feeling being able to complete a project using what you already have!

The fabrics used in these blocks are Kona Cotton Mint, Bella Solids Stone, Bella Solids Aqua, Bella Solids White Bleached, and another gray that I can't remember the name of! I bought it at City Craft when they were having a moving location sale. 60% off everything in the store! Can't beat that!

For these blocks I used 4 inch square blocks with 2 inch strip sashing. Once the blocks were completed I squared them up to 6.5 inches. This is when my little 6.5 inch acrylic ruler comes in handy. I'm ready to complete this quilt top! Here's hoping my fabric will get here today (fingers crossed)!

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