Sewing Tools Travel Kit

This is a little travel sewing kit I made last year before Daniel and I went camping one weekend with some friends. I actually finished the binding while we were camping and didn't do any other sewing. Ha. I'm glad I have it though. I also took it with us when we took a road trip to Tennessee last year for our 1 year trip so it's come in handy.

I followed this tutorial from Lots of Pink Here. Amy's instructions are clear and simple to understand. She has so many great pictures showing each step. I need to get better at taking pictures of my projects during the sewing process. It's hard to stop what your doing to set your fabric up all pretty in the right spot and light to take a picture when you are just focused on getting it done! I used Martha Negely's Red Feathers Pattern from her Farmington Collection I purchased from City Craft. Here it is available at The Tin Thimble. I can't remember what the green houndstooth fabric is called that I used for the inside but here is something similar. 

I tie a little leather strap I have around the whole thing to keep it closed when traveling. Overall, a fun little handy project!

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