Envelope Pouch

Daniel and I are following Dave Ramsey's envelope system. We've budgeted out our spending and keep our cash in envelopes. The envelopes are usually scattered on the dresser or wedged between a couple of books. Last weekend Daniel asked me to make a little pouch to keep them all together and organized. Of course I was happy to do it! Anything for my sweet husband.

I used some heavier khaki cotton I had on hand and some fun fabric for the inside. I purchased the khaki fabric at Joann's and the striped fabric at City Craft. I can't remember what it was called...

Daniel requested this classic diamond quilting. I had fun using bright blue thread that coordinated the with the snap. 

I didn't really use a pattern. I just cut my fabric out an inch or two bigger than the envelopes so there would be enough room for a few of them while still being snug. 

See? The perfect size!

I used my Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers I found a while ago at Joann's. I bought the pliers and snaps to use on my NICU Baby Hospital Gowns but they have been handy for so many other things as well.

After making this pouch I wanted to make fabric envelopes to use in place of the paper ones we are using but I think that might be overdoing it. :)

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