New Denyse Schmidt Fabric

Confession, they aren't really new. I bought them back in March when my mom and I were at the Dallas Quilt Show but they are still all neatly folded and haven't been used. They deserve some pictures!

I bought them from Material Girl Fabrics. They had a ton of Denyse Schmidt and Kaffe Fassett fabric at their booth. I was immediately drawn in. From left to right the fabrics are Chicopee Voltage Dot - Black, Shelburne Falls Crest - Maple, and Shelburne Falls Vine & Leaf - Willow.

I have no idea what I am going to use them for yet. It's so much harder to cut into unused fabric when you didn't buy it with a specific project in mind. I unfolded the Crest fabric and almost made us a new ironing board cover out of it but decided not to. I don't know if it's starch, or just us, but our ironing boards get dirty looking after a while. It's too pretty for that!

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