Lone Starburst Potholder

So I didn't take long for me to break into my new Briar Rose layer cake. It's one of my dear friends birthday today so I decided to make her a potholder last night! 

I decided last minute what I wanted to make her. That's ok though! I was able to put it together rather quickly last night. I knew I wanted the color scheme to revolve around the floral Briar Rose pattern on the bottom of the stack in the above picture. I know she really likes that fabric. From there I just picked through my scraps for coordinating fabrics. 

This was my first attempt at paper piecing. I used Anna's template of Six White Horses. I printed it at a little smaller scale so the unfinished block would be around 9.5 inches rather than 12 inches. It still ended up being pretty large for a potholder. 

I love the sharp lines that paper piecing provides. I'm not sure I will paper piece that often though. It takes a lot more thought and time, though that may be because I am new at it.
I went with my safe default of the meandering free motion quilting pattern. It's just so fast and easy. I love it. 

For the back, I used the Briar Rose pattern I based the color scheme off of. I used the Frog Pond print from the collection for the binding. This was my second time trying machine binding rather than hand stitching it on the back. I'm getting a little better at it but prefer hand stiching it on when time permits. 

All in all it turned out well! I hope it gets great use and protects hands in its new home. :)

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  1. It protects hands, counters, and looks cute all in one! I just love it!!! Yup, that's right, I found your cute little blog. Ha-ha-ha (sneaky laugh)