Tutorial: Fat Quarter Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt

This quilt was inspired by the modern looking quilts by Crafty Blossom. Aren't the colors Erica picked out for this quilt amazing?! The piecing is simple and dynamic. I'm not sure what her method is for piecing, but this is what I came up with. Its super simple!


Half Square Triangle Blocks
     6 Fat Quarters (Mine were all different colors)

Fabric for Backing


Fabric for Binding

1. Take your 6 fat quarters and square them up to be 18"x18".

2. Cut your 18"x18" squares into fourths. This leaves you with four 9" squares of each color.

3. Pair up all the squares, right sides together. You can mix the colors around if you'd like. I did not.

4. Sew around all four sides of your 9" square sandwiches and then cut into fourths diagonally. 

5. Once pressed open, you have perfect little half square triangles!

6. Once you've pressed them all open, you're left with 48 squares or 96 triangles! Now piece your half square triangles together randomly; 8 rows and 6 columns.

7. Now you just need to baste, quilt, and bind! I chose a bright orange pattern for my binding. I thought it really popped against the blue tones.

For the backing I chose a neutral fabric. I honestly cannot remember the name of this fabric. I bought it before I started jotting down what fabric I use. I know I bought all of the fabric used in this quilt at City Craft. For the quilting, I used a free-motion meandering pattern. Elizabeth Hartman has a great tutorial on this kind of quilting if you aren't familiar with it. 

The finished size is about 31"x42.5".  

All in all, such a fun quilt. I will definitely be using this pattern again in the future!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you catch any mistakes I may have made! Thanks.

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  1. I love the quilts on Craftyblossom and have been wanting to make one, but HATE quilt math with a pattern. A quick pinterest search led me to your blog, and I'm so glad. Thanks for posting this! Do you have a measurement for the finished quilt? I'm looking to make a baby quilt.

    1. @Kim So glad you are able to use it! The finished quilt turned out to be about 31" x 42.5". Let me know if you have any more questions! :)

  2. Love your quilt. You've done a mighty fine layout and solved my problem as I've been looking for quilt pattern with large HSTs. (To me the layout is the most time consuming and hardest part.) Thank you for doing the hard work for me.

  3. Love the simplicity of this pattern. Do you happen to know how to convert this to a lap size quilt?

  4. do you know the finished size of the triangle blocks after quartering it?